i have always tried to take the leadership role in group work activities. i am a natural leader and i  generally know how to get the best work out of people. i have to do it almost everyday. Having said that; when i am not very interested in the project or don’t care about the class i will see if someone else will take the leadership role. but i will do my part because i know how it feels to encounter the free-rider problem. It drives me bonkers whenever someone doesn’t care about there grade in a class. i understand not doing well but not caring is a reflection of someone not taking pride in the activities they do . if they don’t care about a  grade that is easy to obtain how do you expect them to behave in the workplace? they are not going to be successful, or maybe thats me being a little irrational about someone being lazy . either way  i don’t like it. i do like being able to get different ideas from people. they may all have bad habits about them but if someone can do something better than me, i like trying to learn how to apply their techniques to the things I do.

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