Strong Interest inventory results

My code turned out to be CEI. I scored very high in conventional, high in enterprising , and moderate in  investigative. My top five interest areas are accounting, management, finance & investing, mathematics, and sales.  my strong occupations that interested me was Management analyst. They “conduct organizational studies and evaluations, design systems and procedures, conduct work simplification and measurement studies, and prepare operations and procedures manuals to assist management in operating more efficiently and effectively” there median salary is 80,000 in Texas which also really interests me.
Style scale preferences

1 you likely prefer a balance of working alone and working with people.

2 you seem to prefer to learn by doing and through lectures and books

3 you probably prefer to lead by taking charge

4 you may be comfortable taking some risks

5 you probably enjoy participating in teams.

I would have  to agree with all of the above except for taking risks. I really want to make sure that I will have a job coming out of college and keeping that job without a doubt.

All of my assessments have had high results for accounting (C) so I have been looking into those fields, it helps that I’m good at math. Right now I am taking macroeconomics and am very interested in it. Therefore I chose consumer economics (E) and economics (I).

My learning environment suggests that I may prefer a balance between learning by doing and learning through academic course work and at times I  may enjoy attending lectures or reading theory and other times I might prefer hands-on practical  training. I agree 100%, this describes me perfectly.


  • structured/orderly
  • stable/secure
  • hierarchical
  • focused on precision and accuracy
  • like finding new ways of doing things
  • likes physical action in responding to crises
  • pays attention to important and relevant facts
  • logical in decision making
  • data-oriented positions that require careful attention to detail
  • organized but flexible work environment
  • clearly defined chains of command
  • applying data to decision making

The weirdest occupation I found was the materials engineer but it makes good money so I think that’s why it is on my list.

Accounting- Is this a stable environment that focuses on the correct application of policies and procedures? Yes.

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