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        If I could choose between an apple pie or my time management pie I would choose mine 11 out of 10 times. I am able to get enough sleep to not be tired throughout the day. I am holding a full time job and  a full time student, I have plenty of room to add in hours where necessary. Most of my time goes to sleep ,of course, but then closely follows is my job. One of my biggest time wasters is driving. I spend about five hours a week on the road; it is necessary but wasteful. I don’t really have a lot of friends so my social life falls into the same category as my free time. I feel like I could get rid of some of my free time in order to focus a little more on school. I can make a list at the beginning of every day to make sure I get the important things done.  One of my goals is to be an all a student. if I cut down on one hour a day of free time I can easily fit in 30 hours of school each week which would help drastically. If I manage my time right I will be able to clearly plot out my priorities in order to get things done more effectively. 

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One Response to Time Management

  1. Laura Pasquini says:

    Thanks for sharing about how you manage you time — I think you need to update the embed code for your blog post — I can’t see your pie or infographic (visual) of your time. Thanks!

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