After the in class discussion I figured out I was an ESTP when I got the results back I was 100% correct. I am action-oriented, fun to be around, and good natured. Some careers based on my personality included sales representative, farmer, and a pilot. I looked further into becoming a pilot; I previously though that you had to be in the military to be a pilot, but it turns out that you just have to take a bunch of classes and have a lot of flight hours after a 2-4 year degree. It could take up to 10 years to become a captain of a major airline, however the average salary is $114,000+. I addition to that, it involves traveling which I have listed in my bucket list. A pilot is on the list of most popular occupations for ESTPs, on the least popular list there were things like craft artists and veterinary assistants. I still haven’t decided if the work it takes to become a pilot is worth it or not.¬†Some of the challenges I face include responding to the immediate opportunity with no long-term goal and talking too much in an interview. Although, I am adaptable and can jump at new career opportunities and convey energy and enthusiasm during interviews.

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