Red Rubber Ball

I have never known what career I wanted to do. Mainly because i dont know what each career does.People have always told me that since I am good in math I should go into engineering. Im not even sure what an engineer does from day to day. In the Road Trip Nation project i would like to interview a successful engineer and ask him about his story. im not quite sure what i am passionate about. I know I want to do something that I can do everyday and not get tired of it. I want to do something that everyday presents something different. i dont know if that would put me in a desk job or out in the fields. I dont really have a preference on either. The only things that I need in a job is stability, enough money to live a happy and comfortable life, and like I said earlier, I have to love what I do.  Like i said in my bucket list i would like to travel the world at some point in my life. If my job called for that every now and then that would be ideal. I still want to have a happy family so I wouldn’t want to be on the road all the time. I have considered living some where else in the world and showing tourists the attractions or environment. I have been very interested in the economics classes i have taken the past two years. im not certain the i could get a well paying stable job with that degree though. i could try and start my own business but, again, that would be good stability. to sum up my red rubber ball i would say that i don’t really know what i am passionate about. having said that if i looked for jobs that allowed me to do things on my bucket list then that would be a ideal option.

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