bucket list

  • Ive always wanted to travel the world. ,mainly for the experiences  of seeing all the different terrains ,but also naturally learning a new language.
  • My favorite artist is Eminem . Thus meeting him would be on the top of my bucket list
  • Just going to a concert of his would be on my bucket list. I am that big of a fan
  • I am on my way to getting my degree. this will be a big start in starting my life
  • Scuba diving!!!
  • Ziplining!!!
  • some people see themselves on what they wear or what kind of house they live in. I see my self successful when I am driving a really nice car
  • Getting a career that I love is one of the most important decisions I can make
  • I am  a die hard cowboys fan. when people talk about watching them in the superbowl . it makes me jealous.
  • If I cant have anything on this list the least I want is a happy family


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2 Responses to bucket list

  1. untsammyp says:

    I really liked your goals. We share the ambition of having a nice car! I also liked the zip lining dream. That would be a really cool experience.

  2. johnstuckey says:

    I also feel bad when people talk about seeing the ‘Boys play in the Super Bowl. Then again, I guess a lot of people have seen us win Superbowls because we do have 5 Rings heheheh

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