I think everyone has judged someone by how they look at least once in their lives. Generally, it is when they have a lot of piercing or tattoos. I don’t really identify myself with any one kind of group or clique. I would however identify myself as a honest and funny person. thus my friends are mostly the same. my friends understand my values so I haven’t been challenged on my viewpoints. The only thing that inlfuences me is seeing people have the same attitude as me and not be successful. or vis versa. 

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student money management center

On Thursday the speakers talk about managing your money. I learned that unexpected things come up and i need to prepare for them as best as i can. we were in a zombie apocalypse and my group made it through with the second most amout left over .  it was a good simulation

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Elevator pitch

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i have always tried to take the leadership role in group work activities. i am a natural leader and i  generally know how to get the best work out of people. i have to do it almost everyday. Having said that; when i am not very interested in the project or don’t care about the class i will see if someone else will take the leadership role. but i will do my part because i know how it feels to encounter the free-rider problem. It drives me bonkers whenever someone doesn’t care about there grade in a class. i understand not doing well but not caring is a reflection of someone not taking pride in the activities they do . if they don’t care about a  grade that is easy to obtain how do you expect them to behave in the workplace? they are not going to be successful, or maybe thats me being a little irrational about someone being lazy . either way  i don’t like it. i do like being able to get different ideas from people. they may all have bad habits about them but if someone can do something better than me, i like trying to learn how to apply their techniques to the things I do.

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i am having an awful time trying to work prezi. i dont know if it was just me or not but i managed to get three of my interviews up . i will post another blog with power point. with all five of my interviews. i couldn’t get it to embed either

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Strong Interest inventory results

My code turned out to be CEI. I scored very high in conventional, high in enterprising , and moderate in  investigative. My top five interest areas are accounting, management, finance & investing, mathematics, and sales.  my strong occupations that interested me was Management analyst. They “conduct organizational studies and evaluations, design systems and procedures, conduct work simplification and measurement studies, and prepare operations and procedures manuals to assist management in operating more efficiently and effectively” there median salary is 80,000 in Texas which also really interests me.
Style scale preferences

1 you likely prefer a balance of working alone and working with people.

2 you seem to prefer to learn by doing and through lectures and books

3 you probably prefer to lead by taking charge

4 you may be comfortable taking some risks

5 you probably enjoy participating in teams.

I would have  to agree with all of the above except for taking risks. I really want to make sure that I will have a job coming out of college and keeping that job without a doubt.

All of my assessments have had high results for accounting (C) so I have been looking into those fields, it helps that I’m good at math. Right now I am taking macroeconomics and am very interested in it. Therefore I chose consumer economics (E) and economics (I).

My learning environment suggests that I may prefer a balance between learning by doing and learning through academic course work and at times I  may enjoy attending lectures or reading theory and other times I might prefer hands-on practical  training. I agree 100%, this describes me perfectly.


  • structured/orderly
  • stable/secure
  • hierarchical
  • focused on precision and accuracy
  • like finding new ways of doing things
  • likes physical action in responding to crises
  • pays attention to important and relevant facts
  • logical in decision making
  • data-oriented positions that require careful attention to detail
  • organized but flexible work environment
  • clearly defined chains of command
  • applying data to decision making

The weirdest occupation I found was the materials engineer but it makes good money so I think that’s why it is on my list.

Accounting- Is this a stable environment that focuses on the correct application of policies and procedures? Yes.

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<a href="

” title=”Time Management”>Time Management

        If I could choose between an apple pie or my time management pie I would choose mine 11 out of 10 times. I am able to get enough sleep to not be tired throughout the day. I am holding a full time job and  a full time student, I have plenty of room to add in hours where necessary. Most of my time goes to sleep ,of course, but then closely follows is my job. One of my biggest time wasters is driving. I spend about five hours a week on the road; it is necessary but wasteful. I don’t really have a lot of friends so my social life falls into the same category as my free time. I feel like I could get rid of some of my free time in order to focus a little more on school. I can make a list at the beginning of every day to make sure I get the important things done.  One of my goals is to be an all a student. if I cut down on one hour a day of free time I can easily fit in 30 hours of school each week which would help drastically. If I manage my time right I will be able to clearly plot out my priorities in order to get things done more effectively. 

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After the in class discussion I figured out I was an ESTP when I got the results back I was 100% correct. I am action-oriented, fun to be around, and good natured. Some careers based on my personality included sales representative, farmer, and a pilot. I looked further into becoming a pilot; I previously though that you had to be in the military to be a pilot, but it turns out that you just have to take a bunch of classes and have a lot of flight hours after a 2-4 year degree. It could take up to 10 years to become a captain of a major airline, however the average salary is $114,000+. I addition to that, it involves traveling which I have listed in my bucket list. A pilot is on the list of most popular occupations for ESTPs, on the least popular list there were things like craft artists and veterinary assistants. I still haven’t decided if the work it takes to become a pilot is worth it or not. Some of the challenges I face include responding to the immediate opportunity with no long-term goal and talking too much in an interview. Although, I am adaptable and can jump at new career opportunities and convey energy and enthusiasm during interviews.

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Red Rubber Ball

I have never known what career I wanted to do. Mainly because i dont know what each career does.People have always told me that since I am good in math I should go into engineering. Im not even sure what an engineer does from day to day. In the Road Trip Nation project i would like to interview a successful engineer and ask him about his story. im not quite sure what i am passionate about. I know I want to do something that I can do everyday and not get tired of it. I want to do something that everyday presents something different. i dont know if that would put me in a desk job or out in the fields. I dont really have a preference on either. The only things that I need in a job is stability, enough money to live a happy and comfortable life, and like I said earlier, I have to love what I do.  Like i said in my bucket list i would like to travel the world at some point in my life. If my job called for that every now and then that would be ideal. I still want to have a happy family so I wouldn’t want to be on the road all the time. I have considered living some where else in the world and showing tourists the attractions or environment. I have been very interested in the economics classes i have taken the past two years. im not certain the i could get a well paying stable job with that degree though. i could try and start my own business but, again, that would be good stability. to sum up my red rubber ball i would say that i don’t really know what i am passionate about. having said that if i looked for jobs that allowed me to do things on my bucket list then that would be a ideal option.

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bucket list

  • Ive always wanted to travel the world. ,mainly for the experiences  of seeing all the different terrains ,but also naturally learning a new language.
  • My favorite artist is Eminem . Thus meeting him would be on the top of my bucket list
  • Just going to a concert of his would be on my bucket list. I am that big of a fan
  • I am on my way to getting my degree. this will be a big start in starting my life
  • Scuba diving!!!
  • Ziplining!!!
  • some people see themselves on what they wear or what kind of house they live in. I see my self successful when I am driving a really nice car
  • Getting a career that I love is one of the most important decisions I can make
  • I am  a die hard cowboys fan. when people talk about watching them in the superbowl . it makes me jealous.
  • If I cant have anything on this list the least I want is a happy family


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